Discover «Beer pong» The new sport that is succeeding in USA

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Beer pong is a new game from the states that tries to dunk ping pong balls into cups filled with beer from the end of the table.It isn´t a ping pong tournament in which you play tirelessly with paddles and try to score points .You can practice in pairs, in teams and with a variable number of cups in a pyramidal position .bottle-522480_1920 (1)

This game is derivative from a similar one.The difference is the use of paddles, which has been disappearing until which today is known as «Beer pong». This game was extended by US universities during the 80s to become, today, in an extremely popular game in the US.


In order to play beer pong a table should be placed in a room and divide it into two by a line , a rope or whatever you prefer, the idea is that both sides are identical in size. On each side of the table you will find the components of the two teams . Both teams have the samen number of cups filled with beer in the table. Usually there are six of them per team placed in a pyramidal way, being the shortest vertex the one closest to the center line of the table. All tables are valid for this activity , however it is traditional to use a ping pong.

Despite of having ping pong tables easily , it is quite common for American students to do their own beer pong tables. This way the tables have the features they want in relation to length, height , color, etc. The cups used are preferably made of plastic and is advised to have on both sides of the table a bowl of water to clean up the balls when they fall to the ground . This will make the game much more hygienic and players can drink from their cups without worries.

table-tennis-309701_1280When everything is clear and the table is ready to use, the game begins . The first thing to do is to choose the team that will be the first one to throw the ball into the opponent’s cups. A good way to select the first team is to raffle it. This way nobody will benefit and faith will be the one to choose.

Now you should throw as many balls as the number of cups in the opponent’s side. When the throwing team is out of balls is time to see how many of them entered into the cups. For each ball into a cup, the opponent team must drink the beer inside it and remove the cup from the table . If you score more than one ball in the same cup, the other player must drink three glasses and removed them from the table.

Now is time for the other team to play. You must make as many rounds as necessary until one team is left without cups on the table . You win the game of beer pong if you remove all the opponent’s cups.

You can play this game with some variations. Instead of throwing all the balls at once, you can take turns so both teams can play at the same time.

Beneath you will find a video where you can see how seriously people take ping pong finals.

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